Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Two Blog Awards

The first award I'm showing is from Dr. Sonia S V at Cards, Crafts, and Kids Projects. Thank you so much Dr. Sonia! You should visit her blog as she has some very interesting projects. I'm thinking soon she may start stamping cards as her interest may have peaked on that craft after winning some stamps from blog candy, Right, Sonia? I say that with a smile.
I am to list 7 things about myself and pass on to 7 others bloggers.

1. I love needlepoint pillows and framed needlepoint.
2. I sing in two choirs (sometimes just one) as I have been slack in my church choir recently.
3. I don't really like to cook...just eat.
4. I have three grandchildren 2 yrs. and under.
5. I love to work in my yard.
6. Love Mexican and Italian foods.
7. I love shopping for just about anything...crafts, decorative items for my house, baby items, clothes...on and on.

On to the next award:

This award is from Asmita at Ruchi Art and Craft. Please visit her blog as she makes some lovely things, too.  Thank you so much for this Award! I am glad you thought I was deserving.  Gosh, it makes me want to go the market and buy some luscious strawberries and make a pie or whatever. There is so much to do with those wonderful berries.
Now, I am to do the same thing to accept this award as with the first one.

1. I don't watch much tv but listen to the tv news all day.
2. My favorite color is..........hmmmm..maybe turquoise.
3. I LOVE going to the beach.
4. I don't have any pets, but love dogs.
5. I am trying to quit staying up so very late at night commenting on cards and uploading (bad habit).
6. I don't get a lot of sleep.
7. I have never had a hobby I like as much as card making.

Now, as I am not sure I can narrow this down to 14 people and not leave out anyone, I am just saying to each person that visits my blog, consider yourself deserving and pick up the award if you like because I know you are all very talented.
Hope that is o.k. with you Dr. Sonia and Asmita.


Dr Sonia S V said...

Thank You Benzi for accepting the award. It made me smile reading your resolution to sleep earlier. Same here but that is the one time I can browse uninterrupted!

Marisa said...

Always love getting to know people better. Fun tidbits of info :)